Vitality Health Foods

This client had a chain of 19 health food stores across Alberta and needed a website that would allow for each store to engage with their local customers. We designed 19 websites within a website, with each store having the ability to login from the backend to post a blog, photos of their stores, videos, and even have their Instagram account integrated with their page on the store. This allowed the stores to constantly have updated content on the website, and for the website to consistently showcase new information on it’s home page.

We also built a featured products section to showcase new products, integrated the Instagram API onto the home page, as well as integrated the Mailchimp API so that customers can subscribe to their email list directly from the website.


















The main users of this website were the elderly population, so we integrated a magnifying glass feature on the promotions page so that all of the products on the flyers could be clearly viewed.

They also needed to increase traffic on the website, let people find them and their products on other platforms. So we have been working with them to help them develop a content, email marketing and social media strategy.


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