Search Engine Optimization


We then optimize your  website, which means that we correct any mistakes in  your code that  may  be causing your website to poorly perform on search engines. We then use those keywords in the code of your website to show the search engine “crawlbots” what are the major topics  you  are  discussing on your website.

At   HMS  Communications we  have  on  staff  a  wide  range  of  copywriters  fluent  in  a  multitude of languages that can craft well-written content that also targets the key-phrases we have identified. We then help you to launch your updated website online, and then notify the rest of the world about your website by listing you  on  web  directories. These are websites that have been around for decades and they list websites in their directories.

We  also  engage   the  community  around  your  products   by  participating  in  forums  and  blogs  on  the  topic, as well as by developing your website as a resource for information on the topics relating to the products or services you provide.