The Service We Offer

Web Design

We teamed up with the best design firm in the world for a reason, they had what we didn't, world-class web designers. Now we build beautifully designed websites that capture your audience and make your brand shine.


We build websites that work on any browser and that have flawless code... we obsess over it. Bugs are a natural part of the process, but our team has our own internal systems to methodically go through every line of code of your website to make sure it complies with international coding standards.


When it comes to capturing the essence of your products and services in a symbol, words, or a logo - this is where we thrive. You can see some more of our branding portfolio at our partner company's


We only work with the best. We only want rockstar client's, so we only hire rockstar staff. Simple rule. We have a team of photographers that we use on various projects. Our graphics and photography teams work hand in hand to deliver mind boggling designs... they have brought tears to some of our artist staff. Not sure if our client's cried, but they liked it, we were happy. Check out some of the work in our portfolio page.


From hiring helicopters to fly over the Alberta plains while we shot scenes for a commercial for a meat packer, or booking out an apartment for the perfect setting to a dress shirt commercial, we have had the good fortune to work on some great projects involving some of the best videographers. We can help you to tell your message online through this powerful medium.

Search Engine Optimization

We obsess over search algorithms. Our team first started taking an interest in them in 2006. We have thousands of websites we use to test the daily updates to search algorithms like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu etc. Our company was founded as a team of SEO geeks, we are a strange bunch, outcasts within the community, and that is just how we like it. Not if, but when, the search algorithm drives you nuts, call us. We know how to tame a wild beast.


When consumers are making a decision about a product, the packaging of the product often has a big impact on the purchase decision, often more then the consumer themselves realize. We can help capture the beauty of your product and provide the elegant packaging it needs. Ask us about some of our print and packaging services.

Social Media Marketing

There are thousands of conversations taking place about topics relating to your products and services. Our team can help you to engage in these conversations by utilizing advertising platforms to put your brand in front of targeted social media users. We use the best social media platform, HMS Communications uses exclusively Plumlytics to give our clients absolute best insights into their social media users, the platform is developed by the genius wizards at Plumlytics

Mobile Application Development

With more and more users only spending time on their phones, we can help your organization have a presence on mobile applications through a variety of platforms. Our teams stay up to speed on the latest platforms so that you can spend your resources doing what you do best. Talk to one of our specialists to see if developing a mobile application is the right next step for your association.