Website Development



First we  work with your  team to see what  design aspects and  features are  important in the website, Then we provide your team with several draft versions of the design. Once  we  have  a  design  and  layout  of  the website we code websites that are designed to have every line of text found and “crawled” by the search engine “crawlbots”, as we refer to them in the office.

We  make  sure  there  are no  errors in your  code, that they are  coded to  W3C standards, that  is  the  worldwide consortium on coding standards (

Then, we  optimize  parts of  your  website to  target  each  page to the  subjects and  products that you offer. We help you to build carefully crafted content. Then we inform the rest of the world to check out  your  website  using the same  methodology  we have  crafted  over  ten  years and using  hundreds of  websites to guess and test search engine algorithms.

While many people see website development and specifically search engine optimization as voodoo, we see it more as building a beautiful website and helping the rest of the world to recognize it.


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