Filipa Drummond BorgesStrategy, Design & Product Manager

Filipa Drummond Borges

Strategy, Design & Product Manager

A graduate of the Faculdade de belas artes – University of Lisbon with a Bachelor of Science in communication design, Filipa started her academic path studying Communication Design but later moved onto getting a Masters in International Management at the University of Bologna and at the ICN Business school in Italy and France.

Since graduating she has been working as a product manager developing digital products and acquiring the experience necessary to make them not only beautiful but also highly functional. Passionate about all things digital and design related, Filipa focuses on product management and design during the day, and is the crazy photographer scouring the dark alleys of a city near you at night looking for that perfect shot.

She is an incredible artist, and has created several magnificent pieces that have been shown in the Mansion Art Gallery in Shanghai, as well as a few pieces in our office in Edmonton and Toronto.

Filipa is a Portuguese Citizen and is Fluent in Portuguese, French, and English.